Oriental Art in Galleries and Institutions in London

Besides the great national museums and their temporary exhibitions, there are dozens of art galleries and institutes in London where one can see Oriental art. China Exchange in Chinatown showcases Chinese art and culture in the form of exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, concerts, lectures, and various other events. The Korean Cultural Centre UK, located in the Strand, hosts exhibitions on both traditional and contemporary Korean art and craft. Japan House in Kensington is a venue for Japanese culture in London, to present Japanese art, design, gastronomy, innovation, and technology. Leighton House Museum, also in Kensington, is a museum built in the former house of the Victorian painter Frederic, Lord Leighton. The house is decorated in sumptuous style, with objects and art from artists of the era. One of the highlights is its Arab Hall which has a golden dome, magnificent mosaics and walls decorated with Islamic tiles. The Oriental style was very fashionable in Victorian times which is evident in the decoration of the house. The Nehru Centre is the official cultural house of Indian culture in the UK.

Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze is a significant art fair which takes place every October in Regent’s Park. Although its main aim is to sell artworks, it is also an essential showcase for what is happening in art at the moment. It shows art from artists all over the world, including numerous Asian designers whose work is well represented in the fair. The event has gathered up to 68000 visitors, so it is also an opportunity for upcoming artists to become well known in the global art world.

The Asian Art Fair

The biggest showcase of Oriental art in the UK is Asian Art, an art event which takes place every year for ten days between the end of October to the beginning of November. The event is spread over numerous galleries and auction houses, and besides exhibitions, there are auctions, lectures, and receptions. It brings together the galleries and auction houses with art dealers, societies and museums, to celebrate Asian art from all eras, and of all price ranges. Asian Art was founded in 1998, and it has since become an important meeting point for artists, art dealers, and audiences interested in Oriental themes. Visiting the fair offers an excellent opportunity to see what is happening in Asian art at the moment, as well as to admire works from past eras and to marvel at the richness of Oriental art.